A Few Words

We’re gathered in the name of the dearly departed,
But I’ve one thing to ask before we get started.
Does anybody know where my fucking heart is?
Wherever it is, it’s just not fucking in this,
Look at her there, she’s dead and she’s finished.
Can anyone say that this isn’t retarded?
She was still going out, and still getting carded.

I’ve been asked for some words, I don’t know what my part is,
But it’s her that was asking, so I won’t beg any pardons,
As I tell you it’s shit to say, “She’s in a better place…”
While we’re all struggling, here, not to forget her face.
Is she with God now, being saved by Grace?
I could almost believe it, it sure appears
That wherever God is, he sure ain’t here
Because she’s all gone, and we’re in the clear.


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