Characters in JINX have just three basic attributes: Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Each attribute has a fixed value, a number typically between 3 and 8, with higher values being better.  Starting characters have attribute values that sum to 16.

It’s better to think of these attributes as an abstraction; a character’s ability to influence the story, rather than any “real” capacity or potential possessed by the character within the world of the story. Moreover, the attributes represent a character’s potential for excellence or extraordinary accomplishment within certain domains.  Specifically, high attribute scores don’t usually do anything to guard against the chance of failure, but make better successes possible.

Each attribute contributes to a different domain of activity.  Players will invoke Body when their characters interact with objects, Mind with information, and Spirit with people.  It’s worth noting here that characters’ physical bodies count as “objects” for the purpose of this distinction.  Similarly, characters’ efforts to influence their own mental and emotional states fall under the domain of Spirit.